Restaurante/À la carte menu



  • Bacalao de la casa: (nuestra especialidad/our signature dish). One piece of prime quality batter-fried cod.
  • Croqueta de bacalao: homemade cod croquette.
  • Banderilla de bonito: chunks of tuna and tomato served on a cocktail stick.
  • Empanadilla de ternera: veal filled hand pie.
  • Surtido de la casa: our selection of appetizers.
  • Tortilla española: Spanish potato omelette.
  • Bacalao al ajoarriero: poached cod with potatoes, tomato and garlic.
  • Jamón ibérico: fine slices of Iberian acorn-fed ham, carefully and naturally cured over a period of 36 months.
  • Queso manchego: manchego cheese.

*El precio que se muestra es por unidad. The price shown is per item.



  • Ensalada de la casa: poached cod served with piquillo peppers, diced tomato, raw onion and baby lettuce, dressed with sweet vinaigrette.
  • Ensalada mixta: baby lettuce, tomato, tuna, olives, boiled eggs and white asparagus.
  • Ensalada simple: baby lettuce and tomato.
  • Consomé: broth served plain or with egg yolk and sherry.
  • Gazpacho andaluz: typical Andalusian cold soup made of raw blended vegetables (tomato, onion, green pepper, garlic and cucumber), served with olive oil, salt and vinegar dressing.
  • Salmorejo cordobés: tomato, bread, garlic and oil puree originally from Córdoba. It is served cold and garnished with diced Spanish serrano ham and diced hard-boiled eggs.
  • Sopa de ajo al vuelco: bread, olive oil and garlic soup.
  • Tortilla de bacalao: cod omelette.


  • Bacalao con setas y alcaparras: pieza de bacalao en salsa hecha con aceite de oliva, puerros, setas, alcaparras, puré de tomate y zumo de naranja / a large piece of cod served in a sauce made of olive oil, leeks, wild mushrooms, capers, tomato puree and orange juice.
  • Bacalao al pil-pil: bacalao cocinado en una cremosa salsa de aceite de oliva, a base de la propia gelatina del bacalao / poached cod in a creamy sauce made of olive oil thickened with the natural gelatin of the codfish.
  • Bacalao a la bilbaína: pieza de bacalao a la parrilla, con ajo y guindilla fritos / grilled cod topped with garlic and fried chilli peppers.
  • Bacalao con tomate: pieza de bacalao con salsa de tomate / poached cod with tomato sauce.
  • Bacalao a la vizcaína: bacalao cocinado con salsa hecha a la manera tradicional, con cebolla, pimento, aceite de oliva y ajo. Se sirve con jamón serrano aparte / poached cod cooked in a sauce made with onion, red pepper, olive oil and garlic. It’s served with serrano ham.
  • Bacalao a la romana: pieza de bacalao rebozado / deep fried, battered salted cod.
  • Bacalao en salsa verde: pieza de bacalao en salsa hecha con aceite de olive, ajo, perejil, cebolla y espárragos / poached cod cooked in a sauce made with olive oil, garlic, parsley, onion and asparagus.
  • Bacalao al ajoarriero: bacalao en salsa hecha con aceite de oliva, ajo, pimiento choricero (ñoras) y salsa de tomate casera. Guarnición, pan tostado / poached cod cooked in a sauce made with olive oil, garlic, spicy red peppers (ñoras) and tomato puree garnished with croutons.


  • Solomillo a la plancha: grilled sirloin steak.
  • Rabo de Toro: oxtail stew.
  • Callos a la madrileña: traditional Madrid tripe stew, consisting of chunks of beef tripe, snout and hoof stewed with chorizo, black pudding, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion.
  • Albóndigas a la madrileña: veal meatballs with vegetable sauce.
  • San Jacobo.


  • Torrijas: (homemade) bread soaked in eggs and milk, then fried.
  • Flan de la casa: (homemade) caramel flan.
  • Chocolate con churros: small deep-fried batter with hot chocolate.
  • Fruta de temporada: seasonal fruit.
  • Peras al vino: (homemade) sweet pears boiled in red wine.
  • Tarta de queso: (homemade) cheesecake.

I.V.A incluido / V.A.T included


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